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e-mark How To

What is the e-mark?

The e-mark is an electronic mobile marking device to create, change and print your own imprints using an App on a mobile device or PC.

e-mark how does it work

How does it work?

  • Connect your e-mark via Wifi with your mobile device (smartphone, tablet or laptop) or through USB with your PC respectively
  • Create own or use predefined templates
  • Send the imprint to the e-mark
  • … and slide

      Looks simple? - It is simple!

      CONNECT   your mobile device with the e-mark

      CREATE   your own or use existing templates

      SEND   your imprints to the e-mark

      ... AND SLIDE   That's it!


      How To Videos

      Make an imprint 

      Make a Multi-line Imprint

      Automatic Numbering Function

      Switch Between Stored Imprints

       For more information and help click on the Colop e-mark Support below:

      Colop e-mark support

      e-mark Templates


      Click below to explore and download ready-to-use templates for the e-mark.