About EOS Line Pre-Inked Stamps

EOS Line by Colop

Modern and ergonomically designed flash stamps

For brilliant and sharp imprints. Quick to manufacture with their attractive black handles they offer the perfect picture frame for your personal design.

Flash stamp - what is it?

The Flash stamp has a pre-inked text plate and, as the name already suggests, is produced by using the so-called flash technology. The COLOP EOS-technology allows the production of a personalised custom pre-inked stamp quickly. In addition, this technology allows the production of stamps with X-large imprint formats.

Colop offers a complete range of sizes - up to 114mm x 89mm along with square and round options. More than 20,000 sharp and clear imprints without re-inking are possible.

When the ink starts to run out they are easy and clean to re-ink. 

 Eos extra large size X-Large formats for over-size stamping.
Eos Line Dust Cover Cover for protection and transportation.
Eos Line Re-Inking Easy and clean re-inking.
Eos Line 80% Recycled Black EOS Standard and XL stamps are made of minimum 80 % recycled plastics.
Eos Image Card Designer

EOS ImageCard™ Designer

With the COLOP software you can easily personalise the look of your EOS stamp.

ImageCard Designer

 Colop EOS Line Stamps


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