About COLOP Swing Stamp


Colop Swing Rocker Stamp

The COLOP Swing Rocker Stamp, made of metal, enduring, sturdy and robust XXL-stamp.
  • Excellent for extra-large imprints
  • Full metal construction
  • Ideal alternative to wooden rocker stamps
  • Text plate easy to assemble unique system (patent pending)
  • Two separate parts - handle and text plate holder
  • Interchangeable metal plate
  • One handle for several different text plates saving money and space
  • Available in 2 XXL-sizes: 140 x 200 mm & 200 x 260 mm
  • Ideal for branding boxes, paper bags and more.

Colop Swing Rocker Stamp            Colop Swing Stamp & Top Pad            Colop Swing Rocker Stamp


Colop Top Pad

Versatility in extra-large –for (almost) all surfaces. Felt pads in proven COLOP quality

  • made of enduring and robust material for clear, sharp imprints
  • easily re-inkable and suitable for all common stamp inks
  • water based stamp ink
  • oil based stamp ink
  • solvent based (quick dry)

Stamp Pad in XXL-format, classic balanced design ideal for:

  • Traditional extra-large hand stamps
  • Rocker stamps
  • Large numbering stamps
  • High quality metal frame in high-grade workmanship with attractive protection coating
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Rounded corners and edges guaranteed snug fit - ensuring pad remains wet for longer
  • Ensures secure hold of the cover
  • Available in 2 XXL-sizes 160 x 220 mm & 240 x 310 mm

Top Pad and Numerex Stamp          Top Pad and Swing Stamp          Top Pad and Traditional Rubber Stamp


Top Pad Inks


Inked Top Pads are supplied with 801 ink as standard, please enquire if you require any other type of ink for your pad.


Ink applications for absorbent surfaces



Ink applications for non-absorbent surfaces