Colop Swing 200 Kit
Colop Swing 200 Kit
Colop Swing 200 Kit
Colop Swing 200 Kit
Colop Swing 200 Kit

Colop Swing 200 Kit

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The COLOP Swing 200 Rocker Stamp Kit

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Includes the Colop Swing 200 Rocker Stamp 140 x 200mm with wording/logo of your choice and the Colop Top Pad 2 Ink pad 160 x 220mm un-inked or inked. 
  • Excellent for extra-large imprints
  • Full metal construction
  • Ideal alternative to wooden rocker stamps
  • Text plate easy to assemble unique system (patent pending)
  • Two separate parts - handle and text plate holder
  • Interchangeable metal plate
  • One handle for several different text plates saving money and space
  • Size 140 x 200 mm
  • Pad available un-inked or inked with 801 Ink as standard, please contact us for prices of special inks.
  • Ideal for branding boxes, paper bags and more.

Using large rubber stamps can be difficult as you need to apply a lot of pressure in order to achieve good results.
When you are stamping corrugated cardboard boxes it becomes even harder. 

Our Colop Swing Rocker Stamps achieve a perfect impression each time with ease. No force is required, simply roll the swing stamp from one end to the other with an even pressure and you are guaranteed the best impression every time.

Because it is so easy to make an impression with these innovative stamps you can have your company branding done in next to no time.

All this is achievable at a fraction of the cost of printed boxes/bags and with results that look just as effective, the rocker stamp is the ideal solution.

You don't need to have hundreds if boxes/bags printed at once and held in stock, just print what you need at any one time.

Ink pad available here.

The price includes the swing stamp with text and/or logo of your choice.
Fill in the Personalisation Form below, submit it and then checkout. We will send a proof for your approval before we make the stamp.